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Why go for a medical loan?

A medical loan is unsecured in nature, similar to a personal loan. But unlike medical insurance and personal loan, a medical loan is allowed for a specific reason. Quick approval process and hassle free paperwork makes medical loans the most viable option in times of dire medical emergencies.

What kind of collateral is needed for getting a loan/ Do I need a collateral for the loan?

You do not need a collateral to secure a medical loan with us.

What is the paperwork process to get the loan sanctioned?

We believe in minimal and hassle free paperwork process. Hence, all we need is your basic information. This includes : AADHAR details, PAN No, ITR, Bank Statement of last three months.

What is the time duration needed for loan approval?

We mean it when we say that your need is our priority. Our team is geared towards making the approval process seamlessly done within Half an Hour.

When does the disbursal happen?

The disbursal of the loan happens as soon as approval is generated.

What surgeries are covered within it?

LetsMD’s medical loans cover any surgery in any hospital.

Are there any specific hospitals that I need to choose in order to apply for the loan?

There are no specific hospitals that you need to choose to be eligible for the loan.